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Private Equity with

Independent Capital

Creating a Space for Business Success

A ‘Hands On’ Approach is the Very Essence of TIM Group Holdings

People generate success - Portfolio businesses are partners, not investments. Strong partnerships drive personal and business performance, to ultimately deliver capital growth and value for all stakeholders

Our team’s direct experience, across all areas of business, offers a unique and attractive point of difference from other sources of finance and business partnering. Experience, imagination and passion matched with market-leading resource, result in measurable success

With over 25 years' experience and a proven track record across a diverse portfolio, TIM Group Holdings invest time and capital with a proven, logical and structured framework


We drive high performance by developing impactful teams and individuals, and support our businesses through the application of skilled, experienced and trusted associates

TIM Group Holdings has a team of ‘best in class’ professionals. We bring the complementary skills needed, on a temporary or permanent basis, to allow business leaders to drive performance and realise optimum potential

The team upholds a collective belief in the importance of ESG, leading to a focus on socially responsible investments

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Work With Us

Focused in the North of England and headquartered in Wetherby, we are a Private Equity House that use independent capital to invest in and partner with businesses of varying sizes. We seek like-minded business owners to work with

We target new and emerging or existing businesses, ready to enter a phase of rapid growth to maximise potential. All opportunities are considered, small or large, with significant capital available through our trusted partner network, in order to collaborate on large scale acquisitions

People are the essence of a business - we seek ambitious management teams and business owners, ready for transformational change, with an approach that considers a partial or total equity stake

Three to five years gives sufficient time for our logical and structured strategy to have an optimum impact, consistently measuring and adapting to succeed

We invest our own capital, allowing for quick, autonomous decisions. Our independent investment approach allows flexibility of financial structures alongside the continued support of all stakeholders throughout

Our Values


Entrepreneurial & Tenacious


Competitive & Enthusiastic


Change Embracing & Solution Orientated


Positive & Self-Motivated


The intimate nature of our partnering approach means we share in your vested interest in success. TIM Group Holdings prides itself on its integrity, particularly when dealing with people. We focus on clear decisive action, unambiguous communication and effective execution

"TIM Group Holdings provide not only financial support, but work with our team practically and collaboratively to advise and guide on how to increase the value of the business, to everyone's benefit"

Mark Fitzgerald-Cooke, MD

Intelligent Business Partners


TIM Group Holdings has a strong relationship with UK based private equity house, Endless, which specialises in the provision of financial investment and hands-on operational expertise to businesses

The confidence in the Endless approach is such that TIM Group Holdings has also invested in Enact, the Endless managed portfolio, for equity investment. Tim is a member of the carefully selected advisory board

We work closely with Independent Wealth Management experts Torevell & Partners to maintain a balanced and successful investment portfolio; these longstanding relationships add depth to our investments and provide best in class advice for some of our partnering initiates

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